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Best Note Taking Apps for Android

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Technology has now become a part of our life, it helps us carry out tasks in more efficient way than ever, yet keeping us entertained. We live in the age of information, where paper is slowly being replaced by digital media. We now have books and magazines on digital devices, and we can stack a whole library of books on our tablets at home and similarly, we have word processors to create our own writings and our portable devices help us keeping a track of tasks we need to carry out in a day, they also help taking quick notes of important things so that we do not forget moreover note taking apps help students to note lectures in classroom. So here we’ll be covering some of the best note taking apps you can have on your Android tablet and phone.

1. Papyrus

Papyrus is a great app with many tools to take notes. It has many features and one its feature allows you to take notes in your own handwriting using an active pen on supported devices. It also has cloud integration to many services. It is a great app especially for Samsung’s Note lineup devices.



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2. Google Keep

Google is a simple and quite effective note taking app by Google, as the name implies. It lets you capture voice notes, add pictures to your notes and allows you to make lists. It automatically backs up with your Google account as well as it also features Google Now integration where it can show your notes too.



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3. Evernote

Evernote, one of the most featured apps of all time is quite awesome for taking notes. It has lots of features, it lets you create your own account and sync notes you take on all the devices. It also has social networks integration which allows you to share notes as well. It even lets you take snaps of different details as notes including recipes, lecture notes, etc.

Evernote-2 Evernote

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4. Springpad

Springpad is an awesome note taking app which lets you make notes in different categories. Each category has a different UI. It is also a good writing app. Like Evernote, this app lets you sync you notes around different devices. It even lets you read online books of different categories and also lets you share your writings with friends and allows you to see theirs.



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5. Fetchnotes

Fetchnotes is a simple yet intuitive note taking app you can have on your device. It has minimalistic UI and one of its prominent features is the use of hash tags and @ sign to organize your notes. One can also send notes to friends, using @ sign and typing the username which they use to use the same app, the choice of sharing is totally in control of user.



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