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Best Ways To Keep Yourself Updated On Tech News; Websites and Resources

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Technology news is arguably the most exciting and ever-changing topic one could get obsessed with. Every day holds a new update, release, and happenings and for tech enthusiasts, every day is full of excitement. 

Even if you are from any other field and your career is not in the tech industry, you should be updated with the happenings of the most-revolutionizing area of development which is technology. 

Here we will talk about how someone can go from having no knowledge about tech to being a full-fledged enthusiast. 

Read Tech Blogs 

Actively reading tech blogs is a decent place to start because they’re much more agile than traditional print media. That means they pick up on new trends faster. Also, many techs thought leaders are guest authors on these blogs or run their own. As a result, you’ll hear of incipient trends straight from the top players.

If you are new in the field the best place to start being updated is by daily checking out our website TechJuice on which we post regular updates on international and local Pakistani tech developments. You can also follow us on social (Facebook, Insta), to get the most interesting news in your feed while scrolling.

Following Tech Geeks on Social Media 

Following tech icons and influential personalities on Twitter is also a great source of keeping yourself up-to-date about tech events. You can start by following tech titans like Elon Musk or Bill Gates

Next, move also to tech editors at trustworthy media outlets, CEOs at smaller companies, and fast-growing startups. Product leads at large tech companies, such as YouTube and Google can also be fantastic sources of information. When new features are being launched, for instance, they’re often the first to share the news with the world. 

Social media offers an additional advantage. It lets you assess how much each new trend resonates right away based on engagement – likes, shares, and mentions. By keeping an eye on social media, you’re sure to know which trend is currently blowing up. 

Join Tech Forums 

Reading tech-related threads on generalist forums like Quora or Reddit, or more tech-specific platforms, forums give you a great feeling of where the conversation is heading. 

Though you shouldn’t be trusting every “insider tip” or personal opinion on what “the next big thing” is going to be. But by looking at the overall discourse in these democratic spaces, you’ll get some first-hand insights into where the tech community is headed. 

When it comes to getting an impartial opinion in the field of tech, forums play a quintessential role and give you the opportunity to interact with inquisitive minds, whether it be developers or content writers who believe in questioning others and have the hunger to learn about the slightest of changes. 

It is important to take time and search for your tech community which provides the correct and relevant information to satisfy your hunger for new trends in technology.

Attend Tech Events 

Never ever miss a chance of attending any tech event near your area, and if you could, you should definitely consider traveling for the one to which big tycoons of the country are invited. Expos, conferences, and conventions all give you a chance to deep-dive into the latest developments in the tech sector, and listen to some of the greatest tech influencers speak in person. 

Launches and meet-up events create enough opportunities for people to update themselves with the latest technology advancements and market their exclusive features in a creative way. With people all over the world joining such grand events, they become a source of fresh and innovative energy which further boosts the spirits of the tech community and helps them grab the knowledge of the latest technology advancements from the brand themselves.

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