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Bigger Screen Of Your PC Boost Your Productivity At Work

Written by Techjuice Team ·  1 min read >
Bigger screen - productivity

Using a big computer screen is supposedly kept for PC gamers and streamers so that they can be amused by the amazing graphics they play and enjoy the game to its true essence. But a bigger screen can benefit the professional workers of corporates and the Tech industry as well. This has proved to have drastic effects on the overall productivity, focus, and energy management of the employees that have to look at their PC screens all day long.

Usually greater speed of the PC is confined to better productivity which is also true, but a bigger screen of the computer can also have an impactful change on productivity. I mean, if you are a PA or some other tech employee and you don’t have a much complex job all you have to do is make spreadsheets, emails, presentations, etc, increasing the speed of the computer will have a little too no effect on your productivity.

It has been a booming trend in all the giant tech companies to give their employees greater screen real estate to boost their performance. Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and many other companies have started to buy big monitors and since bigger screens have become more affordable nowadays, this trend will only go higher and higher.

There are unlimited pros of having a big screen even if your work doesn’t require a computer and even more benefits if it does. Here are some of the benefits of having a bigger computer screen for your work;

More Insight on Data

For example; If you are dealing with a huge spreadsheet with a ton of data in it and someone made a mistake in that sheet and you are supposed to find the mistake. If you have a bigger computer screen, you can display more data at one time. You can avoid a lot of scrolling and mental practice of tracking each line till the end because when you scroll to right, the index disappears. This is only one example of many other technical nitty gritty benefits of having a larger computer screen.

Less Window Management

If you have a small display monitor, a lot of your time will be wasted on scrolling, changing windows, and clicking buttons. You would have to go to the reference window, then come back to the working window, and then go back to the reference window again if you forget something. It is a never-ending loop of changing windows, which can be very frustrating for people like me.

Collaborated Creative Discussions

A bigger screen is always better when you have more than one person working on a project. It can provide a great benefit if your team has everything laid out in front and everyone can point and easily give their input. If you have smaller screens, working with other people can be very challenging because half of the time, you would just be changing slides and trying to navigate them to the pointed place.


Considering these facts and benefits and the affordability factor of the bigger screens, it doesn’t make any sense if you don’t decide to upgrade the size of your screen and start to boost your productivity.