Billboard at IFA 2019 confirms Huawei Kirin 990 release

By TechJuice on
September 6, 2019
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The rumours about the release of Kirin 990 at IFA 2019 seems to have come true, the billboard placed by Huawei at Messe Hall in Berlin confirms the Kirin 990 arrival.

Huawei’s slogan “Rethink Evolution” is also displayed on the poster which gives a hint for its new announcements at the conference. The billboard also confirms that the chip is built on the 7nm FinFet Plus EUV process and will be first chip with the support of 5G. Although Samsung has announced the new chip with 5G support however since the Huawei Mate 30 is coming out in two weeks which would make the Chinese company first to release the 5G integrated chip.

Huawei has also sent an invitation to the Chinese media to cover the event which gives the impression that the Chinese company considers this event to be a big deal for them. The event would be directly televised in China as the Huawei CEO Richard Yu would be introducing new products to the world.

The chip is also expected to have the capability of recording the 4K 60 fps video, which would make it first to have that. The chip may also have ARM Cortex-A77 cores and the Mali-G77 GPU. The GPU would boast up the power efficiency by 50%.

Qualcomm, the American multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company, is also going to launch its new 5G supported chip in the event. Qualcomm will be hosting the event after the Huawei so it is expected that the competition will make it interesting and would bring out a great product for smartphone lovers all around the world.

Huawei is also planning to launch the 5G TV with the biggest screen along with the resolution of 8K along with Mate 30 series and most anticipated Kirin 990.

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