Bitcoin Drops Below $25,000 And Altcoins Falls:As Investors Ignore Fed Rate Hike Pause

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

As soon as the Fed ended its more than year long diet of interest rate, Ether declined more than 3% to $1,650 in just less than three hours. Whereas, ADA plunged more than 5% while SOL and Matic each dropped over 4%.

On Wednesday, Bitcoin fell nearly $24,990 as investors dismissed the U.S central bank’s widely expected halt to a more than year-long diet of interest rate hikes. The famous Altcoins took a late afternoon dive to sink into negativity territory.

After a late afternoon (ET) drop that brought the asset to its lowest point since mid March,the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization was recently trading down 3.2% over the past 24-hours. For the majority of the last five days, BTC has largely been hovering nearly $26,000 as investors assessed the potential effects of Securities And U.S Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuits against the two main cryptocurrency exchanges. Moreover, Binance and Coinbase,Fed Monitory Policy Signals, and other macroeconomic uncertainties.

Joe Di Pasquale, CEO of crypto asset manager BitBull Capital stated that,”the FED has left rates unchanged, which was expected by the market given the macroeconomic situation”.

In addition, he also stated that,”the initial move has been toward the downside, since the FED indicated that this pause is likely not going to last”.

Additionally, he also said that,”from a markets perspective, as long as Bitcoin  maintains $25K,we should continue to see consolidation”.

From Tuesday,investors and researchers have noticed that Ether is recently taking changes at $1,650 down 5.1%, hitting a three month low. Whereas, the famous other Cryptos highlighted in the SEC actions plunged late with ADA.

On the other hand, Cardano blockchain recently declined more than 5% but SOL and Matic, the basic giant Cryptos of Solana and Polygon respectively smart contract networks, each off mor Ethan 3%.

The overall performance at Coin Desk Market Index, was recently trading sideways. However, the CoinDesk Bitcoin and Ether Trend indicators maintained their days long stances in downtrend territory, reflecting ongoing investor skittishness.

However ,the indicator was still pointing upward. On the daily Bitcoin chart, a price pattern popular as “throwback” has appeared that could refuel bulls for a rally towards $37,000, according to Valkyrie investments.

Though, a flashback at technical analysis is a price decline to a previous breakout level or resistance that has now become support. Following a breakout, prices show a hype for a few days before reversing back to the breakout point.

Hence, in his book “Visual Guide to Chart Patterns” Thomas Bulkowski described how prices typically rise after the throwback is over.

According to NASDAQ composite and S&P 500 inches up ever so slightly. According to Levin, Bitcoin and other digital assets have likely “already hit the bottom”.

“I expect there to be sideways action for BTC and other coins for some months ahead, punctuated by bouts of volatility”,. In addition, he also stated that, “when the BTC halving kicks in next year,however, then I think we are off to the races”.

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