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Bitcoin millionaire throwing money from rooftop arrested

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan ·  47 sec read >

A self-styled Bitcoin millionaire in Hong Kong has been arrested for throwing $12 bills from the rooftop of a building in one of the poorest districts of the region. At least $770 worth of bills have been retrieved by the law enforcement agencies and some of the notes thrown out are legitimate. Citizens of the district became frenzied as he started throwing out the cash bills.

The stunt was announced on millionaire Wong Ching-Kit’s Facebook in which he declared money would be falling from the sky. While all this may seem like a robin hood type of thing but it was actually a marketing stunt to announce a new cryptocurrency. His Facebook page is fairly popular for initial coin offerings(ICO) and blockchain projects.

Check out a picture of the bills below:

Wong had also planned to distribute free meal coupons the next day at a local restaurant but he was swiftly arrested by authorities as soon as he got out of his luxury car. Authorities haven’t ruled out that more than one person could be involved in this incident, therefore, chances are more arrests will be made.

Chief Inspector Kevin Chong Kiu-wai has advised people to hand over the bills if they have picked them up as they would also be breaking the law. The question is: how many people will comply?

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan
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