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Business Plan – What you need to know?

Written by Nuzhat Sheikh ·  1 min read >

Business plan

is an outlined form of goals and endeavors that a company or startup has to follow in order to succeed. To be very clear, a solid business plan comprises everything from marketing strategies to finance procedures. While the existing business also set new goals which are also considered as business plans. It could be anything, a shift in company’s routine work, any new service, product launch or may be a new venture that is to come.

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Why they are important is considerable, which is like going for a competition and thinking why you have to prepare for it. Of course, you set goals before getting on a new project. It is highly essential part for your winning and losing. Similarly, we’ve seen many successful businesses in Pakistan as well, who had a concrete business plan which led them towards success.

Not only you, your team and employees require it for better understanding and reminding on each step what its major role but the outsiders, especially with whom you remain in contact with time and again for business liaisons, need it black and white. Most importantly, investors and shareholders view it as a core of business. Reason being, it tells them about your company’s position on industrial and commercial level.

For startups, it is highly recommended and advisable to bring it to the forefront of an ideal business. Draft a document or presentation of a concrete business plan consist of 3-5 years forecast of your proceedings. It must include every little crucial thing, such as:

  • Mission Statement
  • Market entry strategy
  • Product or Service Description
  • Financial Planning
  • Sales forecast
  • Cost of sales
  • Startup Capital
  • Cash Budget
  • Management Team
  • Innovation Assessment
  • Operations
  • Risk analysis
  • Alternative strategies

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Though, you got to do some research also, as the business sector is emerging with innovative ideas day in day out. In order to stand high in this realm, you must be aware of the competition and plan it in accordance with. That way, you can step up your success rates.

It is usually drafted by entrepreneurs who pursue the startup for their business idea. Besides, writing and mentioning all the key aspects, it should be simple and easy-to-read and grasp. Business plans are no new segment to bother anyone. We see the trend is rising and it’s become a necessary part for startup.

Concerning this, your suggestions and opinions are welcome in the comments below.

Written by Nuzhat Sheikh
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