Byonyks becomes the first Pakistani Company to build a Bloodless Dialysis™ system and Factory

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Byonyks factory

Founded by Farrukh Usman, Byonyks develops easy-to-use, smart, portable and bloodless dialysis devices that kidney patients can use from the comfort of their homes

Byonyks, headquartered in Chicago, has established Pakistan’s first dialysis device manufacturing factory in Lahore. The company has a mission to make dialysis affordable, safe and painless with its high-tech dialysis machine named the Byonyks X1.

The Byonyks X1 is a bloodless dialysis device, which means that unlike conventional dialysis at hospitals, the Byonyks won’t allow any blood loss. Sized as small as a box, the Byonyks is portable and possesses an easy interface thus allowing kidney patients to perform dialysis in their homeByonyksOver eight million patients with kidney disease worldwide do not have dialysis access, an expensive, invasive, and time-consuming process that filters the blood when one’s kidneys are no longer able to. Pakistan alone houses millions of dialysis patients that often have to suffer at the hands of high costs and sub-par medical infrastructure.

With the Byonyks Bloodless Dialysis™ machine at work, millions of Pakistan’s dialysis patients will have access to vital care that makes their lives a lot easier. Dialysis patients in Pakistan have to spend an average of 12-15 hours at the hospital each week, with Byonyks, this time can actually be spent with their loved ones at home thus making their lives a lot more efficient.

APD machine - Byonyks

But are the Byonyks dialysis machines affordable? Yes, To make the machines cost-effective and accessible, Byonyks has set up its state-of-the-art device-manufacturing factory in Lahore. Being locally produced and distributed, the Byonyks machine will be affordable for patients in Pakistan.

Farrukh Usman, Founder & CEO of Byonyks, is a Pakistani-US citizen that laid the foundation of the Byonyks factory in 2021, which received its approval certificate from the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) in October 2022.

I am moved by the love of people in Pakistan and the quality of education provided at the universities; this country will be the future. Dr. Frank Rudolph, Chief Electrical Engineer, Byonyks

Farrukh’s motivation behind creating the Byonyks dialysis machine comes from an emotional place. He saw her Khala (Aunt) suffer at the hands of a painful dialysis procedure and set out to make it easier for millions of other dialysis patients.

My own Khala was on dialysis. My mother has the same genetic sequence and is diabetic. Why do We have to take our loved ones to a dialysis center? Why do we have to put a needle in their arm? Why do we have to expose the blood to HCV infections? Do you know that 70% of patients in Pakistan and the developing world get HCV from dialysis centers? We will treat our loved ones within the comfort of their homes & at their preferred time. Without any needle and any heart arrhythmia; Bloodless Dialysis™.” said Farrukh.

There is a higher purpose to it; millions of people are dying without this technology, that is why I am here in Pakistan,” Eric Flachbart, Co-founder & VP of Regulatory Affairs. Eric has been living in Lahore, Pakistan since early 2022 to support this mission.

Byonyks is the only health tech startup that has locally developed and manufactured a Bloodless Dialysis™ system & set up the manufacturing unit in record time. It’s the only company that will not import dialysis machines but will export the machinery worldwide. The company’s primary purpose is to ensure kidney failure patients get convenient access to life-saving treatment and live better.

Delegates from the Middle East and other neighboring countries are already visiting to explore Byonyks’ product line for their respective countries.

Dialysis machines are just a start, as Byonyks will be developing many other cutting-edge technologies. Our current invention will result in healthier and longer lives for patients, and we affirm that future technologies coming out of Byonyks factory will save millions of lives,” said Farrukh Usman, Founder & CEO.

I have been inventing the Dialysis machine for 35 years, but I have never seen any company achieve so much in such a short time in my life.” Douglas Wilkerson, COO, Byonyks, and industry expert of dialysis.

Many people approached me with Great Ideas, but when Byonyks reached out and told me that they were already treating patients, I was shocked and impressed, and I came out of retirement to help this company. Between USA and Pakistan teams, we will achieve innovations that no other company has achieved in the history of kidney health,”

Rod Kenley, Chief Innovation Officer, Byonyks. Rod is the World’s leading expert on dialysis with 110 patents issued under his name and the inventor of several renowned dialysis machines.

When Farrukh met me at a restaurant and asked me if he wanted to build bloodless dialysis for millions who do not have dialysis access, I jumped on the idea and landed in Pakistan for the first time in my life. Lived in Model Town and worked with the team. I am so proud to be part of this approval by the government. This will be amazing for the patients who never had a chance to see Bloodless Dialysis” Micheal Wolloitz, Mechanical Engineer from MIT with 30 years of innovation and many patents. Chief Mechanical Engineer at Byonyks

Industry-leading researchers and bio-technicians have spent years trying to make the painful process of dialysis easier. It’s amazing how Byonyks has achieved it in just a few years. This achievement will surely go on to transform the way kidney dialysis work forever and affect the lives of millions of patients around the world.


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