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Canva is Now More Than Just Graphic Design; Launches a Whole New Visual Worksuite

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Anyone that has been using the internet for a long time now would easily be able to tell you about the visual difference between now and a few years back, the primary credit for which goes to Canva. A graphic design web application that came in, made a simple design tool and made it accessible to everyone thus turning the visual quality of the internet upside down.

Now that the company has been doing good for a long time, it has decided to expand and bring forward not one but a whole suite of products. Announced at the Canva Create event, the suite includes products such as Canva Docs, Canva Websites, Canva Whiteboards and Data Visualization.

This new suite arrives just a few months after Canva acquired Flourish, a London-based data visualization startup that turns difficult data into easily digestible charts, graphs and visuals.

With its new suite, Canva will bring exciting features such as an increased number of print offerings, background removal for videos and a remote control feature for presentations that allows the presenter to connect Canva with their phone and use it as a virtual clicker.

Canva claims that 85% of the Fortune 500 companies use Canva for creating graphics, this includes big names such as FedEx, L’Oreal and Salesforce. Its Canva Team feature has over 4.4 million paying customers. All of this data proves the deep penetration Canva has into the corporate world, which only makes it logical for the company to come up with its own suite.

Canva co-founder and COO Cliff Obrecht’ while speaking about the Canva suite said that “We’ve been working for the last two years essentially on the new era of Canva. Canva has always been very much like an individual product with deep penetration into the workplace. But we’ve never really launched this worksuite that is suitable for organizations”

When thinking about a worksuite, you would automatically have two names in mind, and that is Google and Microsoft. Canva, however with its new worksuite, isn’t competing with any of them. According to COO Obrecht, Canva is more like a visual companion to these tools and will primarily focus on making things visually appealing.

We’re not trying to compete head-to-head with Google Docs. Our products are inherently visual, so we take a very visual lens on, what does a visual document look like? How do you turn that boring document that’s all text-based into something engaging?” said Obrecht.

According to Canva, the worksuite will follow a freemium model similar to its graphic design application. Apart from that, each application in its suite will be interoperable, which means that if you make a presentation, it can easily be turned into a website or a document.

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