Government imposes another tax – this time on Education sector

The Government has imposed yet another tax, but the new tax isn’t targeted towards the IT sector but the...

Jul 6 ·>

Rohayl Varind, 19, wins World Summit Youth Award 2014

Rohayl Varind, a 19-year-old Pakistani, won World Summit Youth Award in the category of “Pursue Truth” among 1898 submissions,...

Jul 3 ·>

6-year-old Pakistani kid becomes the youngest Microsoft PowerPoint Professional

6-year-old Humza Shahzad has done it again, he is unofficially the youngest Microsoft PowerPoint professional who has cleared the...

Jul 1 ·>

Pakistan Education Department using FBI-certified forensic-quality fingerprint scanners in rural areas

Pakistan Education Department is using world’s smallest and lightest FBI-certified fingerprint scanners to verify the identity of teachers in...

Jul 1 ·>

Government rejects COMSATS’s new projects over allegations of mismanagement and misuse of funds

Government of Pakistan has rejected new projects from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) for the next fiscal year...

Jun 29 ·>

Engineering students can take a year off to start their own ventures

The state government of Kerala, India is now allowing engineering students to take a one-year break in order to...

Jun 26 ·>

8 facts you should be aware of when applying for university

The entrance exam season is upon us, that time of the year when students in their 12th year of...

Jun 23 ·>

Report a security bug and get a hefty reward from Google

Privacy, security, and the entire issue of being watched are hot topics these days. No technology is ever perfect...

Jun 17 ·>