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Cell phone import spikes

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The current fiscal year has witnessed an increased cell phone import as compared to the last year and was up by a $30.601 million worth showing an increase of 4.23%, however, the total telecom imports showed a decline of 0.86% and went down by a $0.012 billion worth.

The data revealed by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) revealed that import of mobile phones stood at $753.223 millions during the FY 2015-16 showing an increase of 4.23% as compared to $722.622 million of the previous year. The total telecom imports summed at $1.365 billion during the FY 2015-16 as compared to $1.377 billion of past year.

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The month-on-month data for mobile phone import as well as the total telecom import depicted a sharp rise. A rise of 27.09% was noticed for the cell phone import while a rise of 9.47% was noticed for the total telecom import, across May-16 to June-16 .

The year-on-year import for cell phones showed a decline. The imports in June-16 were $65.974 million as compared to $68.809 million of June-15 showing a downright 4.12% decline. Likewise, the year-on-year import for total telecom import showed a decline of 3.05%.

Source — Pak Observer

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