ChatGPT On WhatsApp: Step-By-Step Process

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ChatGPT is a Natural Language Processing tool driven by AI technology. ChatGPT enables you to have human-like conversations and many other things like an intelligent robot.

OpenAI creates ChatGPT and can perform many tasks, such as composing an email, writing content, creating a list, and providing captions for social media uploads.

ChatGPT is a powerful language-processing artificial intelligence. You can send your chat on WhatsApp through various options provided by the platform.

After its availability on Siri, Apple Watch, and other places, now WhatsApp users can enjoy using an AI bot on the app without facing any hazardous situations.


Here we are bringing simple and easy steps to follow and use chatGPT on your WhatsApp.

Visit The Website

On your handset, open up the link to the Shmooz AI website using the link. Tap the “Start Shmoozing” button, and it will direct you to WhatsApp

Continue To Chat

Then you will have the “continue to chat” option; clicking on it will take you to the chat screen.

Auto-Typed Message

A message will be Auto-Typed in the message box. You need to send it, and the bot will respond.

Talk To Shmooz AI

That is the whole process, now you can enjoy talking to Shmooz AI in WhatsApp like you want to do chatGPT, and it will answer you.

Use ChatGPT On WhatsApp Without Any Difficulty Step

Since Shmooz AI is a bot, you can use different prompts to check its response.

The steps mentioned above are easy to understand in setting up chatGPT on your WhatsApp account without any complications.

In addition, a user can enjoy 20 complimentary messages, so make the count!

Once the process is done, hop on to your PC and enjoy the bot with the best chatGPT prompts.

For instance, you can have your ingredient list for any recipe. And then move on to music. After some time, you will have the whole recipe of your favorite food on your screen.

ChatGPT is an advanced and intelligent tool that everyone wants to enjoy its capabilities. Many companies, including Microsoft and Google, have incorporated chatGPT in their search engines.

Banks and other financial institutions also incorporate chatGPT to perform their daily activities.

Not only this, but chatGPT is capable enough to pass the exams and help students in their education.

More ChatGPT WhatsApp Bots

Besides the most interesting chatGPT-powered WhatsApp bots, some other cool bots are also available to facilitate the users.

As we know, bots are in high demand these days; therefore, the other messaging bots are:


One of the most accessible WhatsApp bots to use GPT-4, mobile GPT is another service you can use to have chats and get answers to all your queries. MobileGPT can even generate images for you, which are pretty impressive.


This great bot answers your questions and transcribes voice notes into text.

Moreover, you can also summarize YouTube videos and create images with AI. Due to the sudden surge in the user base, what has been offline for the past few days is only accepting new sign-ups for its waitlist.

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