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China starts providing 5G services for commercial use

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China has launched 5G services in the country for commercial use by providing licenses to the country’s three telecom operators.

Telecom companies including China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom have introduced 5G data plans for their users in the major cities of China. Some packages launched by Chinese companies are depending on the speed instead of data allowance. For example, 500Mbps will cost 199 Yuan (PKR 44, 00) and 1Gbps speed will cost 299 Yuan (PKR 66, 00).

There are some data-based packages which start from 128 Yuan (PKR 28,00) with 30GB data and 500 minutes voice calling and go up-to 599 Yuan (PKR 13,200) package which offers 300GB data and 3,000 minutes calling. But if you use the internet in china without packages then it will cost 3 to 5 Yuan (PKR 66-110) for each gigabyte.

Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said, “An increased user base and mature technology have made consumer prices relatively affordable.” Even with the limited coverage area of 5G in China more than 200,000 users have already subscribed to the services alone in Shanghai, said China Mobile’s Shanghai operation.

The Chinese government and telecom companies are expecting a large number of 5G users in the future as they are planning to expand base stations from 86,000 to 130,0000 this year. The investment in building a 5G network will hit 1.2 trillion Yuan.

In Pakistan, 5G is not expected to come soon, as Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) briefed the senate in last September that they need time to give the final plan for the launch of 5G technology in Pakistan. However, they have made it clear that it would take between 4 to 5 years to launch the technology in the country.