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Chinese company already started working on 6G smartphones

Written by AbuBakar ·  1 min read >

When the whole world is eagerly waiting to finally use the 5G technology, Vivo has taken one step forward and started working on the 6G enabled Smartphones. It seems like Vivo wants to be the first mobile phone manufacturer to launch 6G smartphones in the market.

The company filed a patent for the 6G logo, and the logo looks amazing. Four stripes in the 6G characters give the depiction of the supersonic speed of upcoming 6G technology. Vivo is leading in the research and development of 6G technology as compared to any other manufacturer participating in the B5G/6G seminar.

The availability of 5G technology for the whole world will still take a few years, therefore, the 6G technology is not expected to come in the near future. The leading 5G technology beneficiary, Huawei claimed that 6G technology would not arrive until 2030.

The 6G will solve the new rising challenges in communication, including future growth of data, AI technologies, and IoT devices. As the new 6G will be advanced from 5G technology, therefore it is expected to give 1TB/s downloading speed. Which is too much faster than the 1GB/s speed on the 5G network.

In the launching ceremony of Vivo NEX 3 5G smartphone, Vivo said: “We are forging ahead into the more challenging and unknown field of 6G. Vivo is exploring R&D for 6G technology, participating in B5G/6G seminars initiated by the industry, and developing partnerships with universities regarding research on the upcoming 6G technology.”

In the race of launching 6G enabled smartphones, Samsung is just behind the Vivo. Reportedly Samsung has also started working on the sixth-generation telecommunications networks.

While fighting over the launch of 6G technology, Vivo and Samsung join hands to release 5G-enabled phone next month. Vivo X30 will have Samsung Exynos 980 5G SoC. According to the reports, Vivo X30 will come with the price tag of CNY 3,198 (72,000 PKR) for the 8GB RAM + 128GB storage variant.