Chinese cops are using AI facial-recognition glasses to scan travelers

Written by Basit Anwar ·  1 min read >
Chinese Officials

Chinese police are using artificial intelligence to collect data and to create a surveillance system that can ensure the police to maintain public safety. For the security purpose, Chinese police have been provided with high tech facial recognition sunglasses that can give them the information about the criminals and spot them.

So far, these smart facial recognition sunglasses have been given to railway police personnel at Zhengzhou east railway station in Henan province. These sunglasses match the identities of the passengers with the information that is available on the police database.

These glasses are specially designed for the police. The hi-tech glasses have a small camera attached to it and are connected to a tablet device with a software that searches faces in the database and looks for the match suspects. By the use of technology, cops are able to view an individual’s personal data that includes name, address, previous criminal records etc. These glasses are able to determine a match within seconds.

The Chinese police are using these facial recognition glasses to scan and spot the train riders and plane passengers who try to avoid the warrant or are using fake IDs. So far, these glasses have identified many suspected people and police have arrested 7 people for their previous criminal records while 26 people are banned from travel.

China is currently working to enhance the artificial intelligence technology. An estimate of 170 million CCTV cameras have been already installed across the country and this is expected to be doubled in the coming years. Many of these cameras use artificial intelligence and facial recognition. The country is currently leading in surveillance technologies and is going to build a giant facial recognition database to identify any citizen within seconds.

So the next time, you see a police officer in black tinted glasses be aware of them. Maybe they will be pulling off your personal information.