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Cleanry, a startup that claims to deliver 5 star laundry experience at your doorstep!

Arslan Ali Written by Arslan Ali ·  1 min read >

Cleanry, Pakistan’s first ever online Home Laundry service, has raised funding through DotZero Ventures (DZV) in their seed round” -announced Adnan Fasih (CEO & Founder of Cleanry).

The owner of the budding Karachi based startup, Adnan Fasih is a marketing professional who has worked his way from being a content writer to digital marketing manager. The venture is co-founded by Yasir Ahmed of AutoExpert. The duo is supported by 5 other talented members.

The idea behind Cleanry is to provide high class services with regards to Laundry at the customer’s doorstep.

“The reason for creating Cleanry is very simple – people spend a lot of their time, money and even affection on their clothing – hence they are attached to some of their clothes emotionally”. Adnan told TechJuice. He further added “Quality laundry services are very hard to get by in Karachi, so this created a niche for Cleanry to fill in that gap”.


Getting a high quality laundry for your clothes such as suits and wedding dresses is a question mark in Karachi. These dresses are very expensive and when question comes about the washing, not many of us are confident about the services.

Not everyone can reach out to services offered at 5 star hotels and Cleanry is offering a conveniently available service of the same quality.

Currently they are operating in Clifton, Defense and PECHS Karachi areas and being on the higher side of economic scales, people are coming up as customers with a steady upward growth rate.

Although the rates on Cleanry website look affordable, the real challenge for Adnan and his team is the maintenance and reliability of the services.

Adnan told TechJuice, that they are giving a personal touch to their client relationship by giving Laundry Baskets to the customers, which they only use for the cloths and items they wish to launder at Cleanry.

How it work

The visible process on their website is simple to understand, where a customer can place an order, the Cleanry will pick up the items, there will be washing and cleaning of these items and then there is delivery and billing. The service is offered twice a week and 8 times a month for any customer who is registered.

When we asked why they are targeting “elite class” for their business? The answer was to create a more sustainable line of clientele which can retain their customer-ship and come back for more business.

Adnan further added that they have 45 clients so far (since their inception in May 2015) and have plans to move in Islamabad and Lahore within the next 6 months time.