Daraz makes buying and selling easier by introducing Daraz Shops across 19 cities

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Following the acquisition by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, the leading online marketplace in Pakistan, Daraz has been actively developing various productive tools and features to make the online shopping experience more convenient for its millions of customers across Pakistan. The revamped Daraz app for Android and iOS users provides a range of brand new features, including official stores for brand loyalists, exclusive brand vouchers and daily flash sales.

Although Daraz’s website and app already provide a simple online shopping interface, in order to expand its outreach and have a one-on-one interaction with customers, the eCommerce giant has launched multiple shops across Pakistan for a more convenient shopping experience.

What is Daraz Shop and how it’s helpful for consumers and sellers?

Daraz Shop is the most favorable option for those people who think online shopping is confusing and exhausting. Daraz Shop offers a one-on-one experience with a Daraz Guide; who guides the shopper through the product assortments with a summary of all the options and information a person needs to know before placing an order. The guide at Daraz Shop makes sure the product is shipped right to you.

A customer can simply find the location to the nearest Daraz Shop by availing the integrated map option within the app or website. Daraz Shop provides its consumers with a platform that acts in multiple ways:

Book an order right at the Daraz Shop with on spot help

With such a diverse range of products, customers are often confused regarding what to choose from. With on spot help from a Daraz guide, customers can easily order their preferred product online and make sure that they have made the right decision. Buyers can also specify the Daraz shop as a pickup point for their products in case they will not be available at home during the delivery hours.

With operations in 40+ locations and on spot guides available for facilitation, Daraz Shop is the all-in-one retail store for making your online shopping experience the best ever and making sure you have ordered the right product for your needs.

A dedicated hub for Sellers for quick delivery service

Daraz guides provide sellers with packaging material for quick delivery service of their products to buyers. Alongside that, sellers can engage with Coordinators regarding any issues that they are facing with Seller Center. It is a one-stop shop for seller training and understanding the best practices of the retail of products through Daraz. The platform also provides seller communication groups on Ding Talk for effective communication regarding updates pertaining to SOPs (timings, days off, etc.)

More than 46 locations throughout Pakistan

Daraz Shop service is operational in 46 locations across 19 cities. These include Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Multan, Jhelum, Abbottabad, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Hyderabad, Okara, Peshawar, Quetta, Sialkot, Sahiwal, Sargodha, Sheikhupura, and Sukkur.

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Defective product or wrong order? Just drop it off at a nearby Daraz Shop

Gone are the days when you would have to deliver the product back to the seller through courier services. Daraz Shop simplifies the return of the product by simply asking customers to drop it off at their store and they will handle the rest. Not only does this save the customer’s time but also ensures that the matter is in the notice of Daraz’s administration regarding a particular product.

Fast complaint resolution and continuous quality improvement

The biggest beneficiaries of Daraz Shop are its customers as it provides them a platform to register their complaints, hence giving Daraz’s customer service a chance to quickly resolve their queries and complaints. Daraz Shop also creates vendor satisfaction surveys to gauge satisfaction levels and identify what more can be done by Daraz to improve vendor experience hence implementing a continuous quality improvement procedure.

By identifying vendor dropoff locations for each city, Daraz can also infer the seller footfall and popularity of the seller in a particular location. As Karachi has the maximum number of dropoffs, hence it has the highest number of sellers followed by Lahore and then Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

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