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Discoverv: Bringing Tailored Application Suggestions to your Android

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Recently we made a list of the Top 10 Application by Pakistani Developers and it should not come as a surprise that there are hundreds of Pakistanis out there who are working hard to make some great smartphone applications. We try to keep a close eye and this week we are covering Discoverv, an Android app that promises to bring you the best suggestions so that you never miss out a cool application.

App Suggestions and User Channels

Discoverv is extremely simple to use. You start by creating your account and connecting it to your Facebook. Using your friend list, the application creates suggestions for you based on the applications your friends and family are downloading. Apart from the tailored feed, the application also provides one suggestion per day based on the Google PlayStore trend.

The aim of the application is simple: discover cool applications and share them directly with your friend circle, but wait, there is more to it. Discoverv can be used to create app channels where people can share their favorite applications. Think of it as an application board where a user maintains a list of his/her favorite apps in the PlayStore. Other users can then access this list and download apps. Maybe in the future we can have The AppJuice channel so that you never miss out on good suggestions that we have to offer.

Making App Discovery Simple

The man behind the application, Umair Syed is an Electrical Engineer from NED. Umair is trying to fill the gap that exits between good applications and its users. He feels there is a need to help smartphone users in application discovery especially in the face of the fact that there are tons of applications in the Playstore and it is tricky identifying the best ones.

“There are millions of apps on playstore for same task and even same name: try ‘restaurant finder’ on playstore, there are17 apps with same name! App discovery is a challenge and it’s going to get only bigger, Discoverv is solution to App discovery problem”

Discoverv was a finalist in MITEF Pakistan Business plan competition 2013. In the upcoming releases, Umair hopes to bring new and exciting features to the application. He also hopes to extend the service to iOS and Windows phone users.



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Written by Qurat Zafar
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