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Do not fall for fake Prisma on Android, here is the legit link

Muneeb Ahmad Written by Muneeb Ahmad ·  36 sec read >
Prisma Jeep

Prisma, the phenomenon behind artistic photos your iFriends might be sharing, has finally made to Android, so has some fake and counterfeit Prisma applications as well.

Prisma has taken the world by storm. While the traditional filter-rendering applications played with different combinations of light and contrast only, Prisma ‘literally’ turns a snapshot into an artistic masterpiece with the help of its much wiser algorithms.

Pictures can be wonderfully tweaked with over 30 filters available on this Russian-made application. One single photo might appear unique under the same filter because unlike the traditional photo-editing applications which used fixed settings of color and contrast manipulations, the Prisma’s cloud-based AI looks for each feature and prisms it accordingly on the go.

Many developers in a bid to steal a bit of Prisma’s limelight have come up with their own Prisma applications. So, while you download Prisma for your Android, make sure the publisher is “Prisma Labs, Inc” and the contact email is ““.

You can find the genuine Prisma application on Google Play here.

Written by Muneeb Ahmad
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