Dr. Mario World to arrive on Android and iOS next month

Faisal Saeed Written by Faisal Saeed ·  1 min read >

One of the leading Japanese video game company Nintendo, earlier this year announced that its most famous Dr. Mario puzzle game would return with a new version for smartphone devices, and now Dr. Mario World has revealed the release date of the upcoming game. The famous Dr. Mario game will be released on all Android and iOS devices on July 10th.

Dr. Mario is free-to-play fame with various stages where you can send or receive to other players to exchange other features including stamina, or battle online in versus mode. Nintendo has also launched a website for Dr. Mario World, which includes videos on the gameplay.

Dr. Mario puzzle game is based on the 1990 puzzle game, where players are tasked with arranging different colored pills as they fell from the top of your screen to clear them from the game board and eliminate viruses. The different stages in the game provide new challenges to the players, who have a limited number of capsules.

Players can also buy diamonds by paying cash which is optional and available in the cash in for items options and can also use cash to restore stamina instead of waiting for stamina to restore over time or purchase new doctors with special abilities.

Dr. Mario World has also released the new trailer for the game, which shows the updates for iOS and Android devices. The trailer shows that the rather than falling down the capsules are dragged onto the game by the player to match with colors.

Here is the trailer of the new Dr. Mario puzzle game.