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Efforts to uplift Balochistan pick up pace, PSEB to set up office in Quetta

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To zero in on the development of the Information Technology (IT) industry in Balochistan, the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) – a division of the Ministry of IT, has decided to set up a dedicated office Baluchistan’s capital, Quetta. The development emerges as the efforts to modernize Balochistan have been ramped up by the government, including tech institutes such as “Gwadar Technical Institute” as announced by the CPEC chairman, Gen Bajwa and the introduction of the first digital policy for the province.

The Managing Director of PSEB, Osman Nasir, said that the board is putting forth the maximum assistance to the IT business to bring about further improvements in the growth of IT exports.

The board’s office will adopt an all-inclusive approach in Quetta to establish the framework of robust industry development in Balochistan, resulting in sustainable economic growth and employment, Osman Nasir said.

He added, “Efforts are bearing fruit as the number of IT companies registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) had surged to over 10,000.”

Shedding light on the development of the sector in the current year, the Director said that this year saw the largest number of IT startups’ enlistment, with 2,826 companies registered with the SECP. “This performance is especially laudable given the global economic slowdown, demonstrating the resilience of Pakistan’s IT industry ecosystem”.

Source: Express Tribune

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