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Exchange your old phone for a brand new one using Daraz Trade Up feature

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Daraz is introducing a new feature that will allow you to exchange your old phone for a voucher that will enable you to buy a new phone from the platform. As the feature is made available, Daraz will be offering Trade Up on 64 different phones and the process to exchange your phone with a brand new one is extremely simple. 

The new feature will allow customers to get the best value possible for their old handset with the utmost convenience. 

Easy and Hassle-Free Process

The process is really easy. To use the Trade Up feature, customers will simply have to log on to the Daraz app. On the Trade Up page, they’ll have to enter the details of the handset they are looking to exchange. They will have to select which of four tiers the handset falls into depending upon its current condition. The next step is to enter the brand and model of the phone.

How does the redeem feature work

Once the user has entered these details, the app will generate an estimated value of the phone. If the customer wishes at this point to proceed with the process, he will have to visit a Daraz hub.

Here a third party will run a quality check on the smartphone and give a final offer. If the offer is accepted by the user, s/he will hand in the smartphone and Daraz would issue a redeemable voucher of the estimated value. The voucher can then be traded against any new phone that you wish to buy next. 

Initially, the Daraz Trade Up service for smartphones will be made available in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. As far as the smartphones that can be traded up are concerned, Daraz is adding an array of 64 smartphones which could be traded in the Daraz Trade Up scheme. 

Daraz Trade Up seems to be one of the most convenient ways for customers in which they can get their hands on a new smartphone without having to worry about their previous smartphone. 

Shaheryar Ehsan has also contributed to this piece.

The article has been produced in collaboration with Daraz.

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