Extraordinary $44 million Pak-China Optic Fiber Project launches in Gilgit-Baltistan

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In a groundbreaking ceremony of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPECP), Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif launched $44 million Pak-China Optical Fiber Project in Gilgit. The project aims at providing highly improved information technology services and uninterrupted connectivity in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Special Communication Organization will be responsible for laying the optical fiber which will pass through Khunjerab Pass to Rawalpindi, spreading over 820km of distance. The completion timeline of the project is set to be two years. Once completed, the project will be connected with Trans-Asia-Europe (TAE) cable in China, enabling both countries to have alternative routes for international communication. The Prime Minister believes,

“The mega project will not only bring economic benefits to the people but also help to address the issue of extremism by creating job opportunities for the youth. Pakistan-China Optical Fiber Cable Project will bring 3-G and 4-G services to Gilgit Baltistan and it will soon emerge as the most developed area with the launching of such projects.”

CPEC aims at driving Pakistan on the road to sustainable development. The Optical Fiber Project will not only promote IT awareness in the region but will also generate economic opportunities through trade and tourism. The agreement to launch this project was signed between the two countries when Prime Minister visited China in July 2013. The Prime Minister has directed all stakeholders to expand the network of Pak-China Optical Fiber Project to Gwadar and other regions of Pakistan.

Written by Asra Rizwan
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