Facebook Parents Portal launched to help guardians protect their children’s online experience

By Shaoor Munir on
December 13, 2016
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Facebook has launched Parents Portal which contains information regarding the social journey of children on the online platform.

How does it work?

Parents Portal is basically a set of safety guidelines which will help parents know how to avoid and tackle any problematic situation online.
2 It includes information about how to create a Facebook account, how to choose a secure password, how to block undesirable content and how to report offensive content.

The whole portal resides under the Safety section of Facebook and contains links to many child advocacy groups that focus on shaping and carrying out policies related to children online.


The portal is being rolled out worldwide in 50 different languages and is available for reference here. It provides a great resource for parents who are concerned about their children’s use of the social network. In today’s world, keeping children from using Facebook is a nearly impossible task. So it bodes well for parents all around the world that Facebook is looking to help them make sure their children remain on the safer side of the world wide web.

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