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Facebook launches a snooze button to mute annoying friends, pages and groups for 30 days

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Facebook Snooze

Facebook has become a platform where our friends, siblings, parents, sweeper, milkman, tailor, and anyone who we encounter in our daily life resides. Sometimes in awkward situations, we do accept people in our friendslist even when we do not want them there.

And more often than not it happens that a friend continues to express opinions or shares stuff that we find annoying. In such a situation, either we unfollow them or unfriend them. Unfollowing is a great option but once you unfollow someone, it seems like outing them from our lives as well; out of sight, out of mind. We completely forget about these annoying friends and when the next time you meet them and they ask, “Why didn’t you congratulate on my wedding news?” You are totally clueless as to when this happened.

Facebook understands this and many such similar scenarios, which is why it is launching a snooze button which lets you mute your annoying friends, pages and group for a period of 30 days. Once the period is over, Facebook again asks for feedback on whether you want to continue to snooze or want them back in your newsfeed.

This is a thoughtful feature, it lets Facebook Groups and Pages maintain their user base and gives them a chance to win over their users back.

Written by TechJuice
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