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Facebook tests an all white design for Android

Written by Abdul Wahab ·  1 min read >

Facebook is currently testing an all-white accent for its Android web which replaces the previous blue-accent design theme.

Following the recent scandals, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg recently announced his new vision for a new “privacy-focused platform.” While that has been the talk of the town, subjected to criticism and memes, the social media giant has quietly been working on an all-new UI design for the Android world.

The new UI is somewhat similar to the latest design of Gmail which features an all-white UI. The most visible change is the main app header which loses the blue color while the icons get a contrasting punchy-color look whereas the current design has blue top-bar. Also, the navigation tab below the main header is now added with two more short-cut icons for videos and profile view. Furthermore, the new UI for Facebook also brings the simplified all white uni-color look which goes in line with the new Facebook messenger UI.

One possible reason for this new UI can be to introduce the highly-awaited dark mode on Facebook for mobile. Since the messenger just received its dark mode after getting updated to the new simplified UI. As of now, this new UI design is being tested through a server-side switch and unfortunately, there is no specific setting available in the app that switches to the new design which means we’ll have to wait until it either gets included in the Beta testing or is provided via Play Store update.

Let’s see if this can bring some of the 15 million users that Facebook lost owing to its data-privacy scandals. While a design overhaul with new features may excite a few and retain some of its existing user-base, the real problem however still lies in the existing governing policies of the social media giant.