Facebook to train Pakistani women

Written by Ali Leghari ·  48 sec read >

Facebook has signed an agreement with an indigenous virtual firm named as Women’s Digital League (WDL) to train Pakistani women and to promote home-based women entrepreneurs.

WDL is a firm providing digital services to clients and is owned and run by women. The organization provides services in many areas which include, Accounting, Administrative assistance, SEO, Social media marketing, Software testing and writing (content, creative, and technical).

Facebook gives free training to women entrepreneur while collaborating with local social media enterprises. It has initiated this program back on March 8, 2016, to encourage women to do business online and also to provide necessary skills to women who are willing to do business.

Maria Umar, president and founder of WDL, said,“WDL has been working to enable digital livelihood for women in Pakistan for nine years and now, we have partnered with Facebook for their ‘She Means Business’ program which is geared towards women building and running a business,”.

Recently WDL has also been selected by Upwork for its Social Impact Program.

WDL is not the only firm from Pakistan collaborating with Facebook, previously PITB has been in collaboration with Facebook and is trying to equip women to earn online.

No country can progress without the active participation of women, so this agreement between WDL and Facebook of empowering women and to encourage them to own business is excellent in every sense.