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Federal Government Issues Dark Web Advisors to Ministries and Provincial Governments

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
dark web advisory Pakistan
These dark web advisors will make sure that all government bodies are aware about the dark web so that future dark web data leaks can be avoided

Lying beyond the reach of a normal user, the dark web is a place not accessible by regular web browsers. Hackers and other malicious actors build communities here and take part in legal/illegal transactions.

Over the last year, the Government of Pakistan had to face quite a lot of troubles with hackers on the darkweb. As a part of its initiative to prevent hacking and data leaks through the dark web, the federal government has sent out web advisors to ministries and provincial governments.

Named the ‘Leakage of Sensitive Data on Dark Web (Advisory No 53)’, the advisory said that the benefit of being anonymous makes the dark web a “gateway to the world of crime”, and allows to to store over 96% of the total data available on the internet.

“Dark/deep web is being used by nefarious mindsets, including criminals, terrorists, Hostile Intelligence Agencies (HIAs) and non-state actors” said that Advisory.

“Users are advised to put in efforts to protect personal and official data from being exposed to cybercriminals and further leakage on hacking forums/dark web,” it added.

After a series of audio leaks featuring top politicians including Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan and PM Shehbaz Sharif, this was a necessary step for the government.

Reports by experts investigating the audio leaks revealed that a group of hackers that are also involved in previous cyberattacks on behalf of India. The hacker, who was reportedly selling the sensitive data for a minimum of 18 BTC claims to have more sensitive audio files.


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