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DarkBERT AI Can Fight Cyber Crimes: Trained On The Dark Web

In an unprecedented move, a group of South Korean academics developed an LLM trained exclusively on information from the...

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Jun 19 · >

Car maker Ferrari Gets Hit by Cybetattack: Hackers Demanding Ransom

According to Ferrari, the company was contacted by threat actors demanding ransom in exchange for the protection of client...

Mar 22 · >

Federal Government Issues Dark Web Advisors to Ministries and Provincial Governments

These dark web advisors will make sure that all government bodies are aware about the dark web so that...

Jan 9 · >

Dark Web Marketplace ‘BidenCash’ Leaks Over 1M Credit Cards

A recently launched underground marketplace has circulated over 1.2 million credit cards on the dark web. According to Bleeping...

Oct 11 · >

1 million Kashmir University Students & Teachers’ Data ‘hacked, put on sale’ on Dark Web

Reports and users of social media platforms claimed, a ‘threat actor’ by the name of “VictorLustig” uploaded the database...

Aug 12 · >

SpaceX engineer found guilty of selling insider information on the dark web

An engineer working for Elon Musk’s SpaceX pleaded guilty on Thursday to conspiracy to commit securities fraud by selling...

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Mar 19 · >

Russian hackers put the PIA network and database up for sale on the dark web

A team of Israeli cybercrime researchers has revealed that Russian hackers have put up the Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA)...

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Nov 24 · >

115 Million Pakistani Mobile Users Data Go on Sale on Dark Web, claims cybersec company

Rewterz, a pioneer of specialized cybersecurity services in Pakistan, claims to have discovered a data dump of 115 million...

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Apr 10 · >

Facebook shuts down searching people by phone number and email

Facebook has been going through a quite tough time due to the whole Cambridge Analytica case. Since then, the...

Apr 5 · >