Federal Government Issues Dark Web Advisors to Ministries and Provincial Governments

These dark web advisors will make sure that all government bodies are aware about the dark web so that...

Jan 9 · >

Punjab Will Soon Get its Own Job Centers

Freshly launched, the Punjab job centers have already gone on to register more than 20,000 new workers The Rawalpindi...

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Dec 29 · >

IT Ministry Blames Telecom Providers for Poor Network and Mobile Signals

The Ministry of IT and Telecom (MoITT) just made a statement regarding poor network and mobile services in Pakistan....

Dec 26 · >

Government of Pakistan Clears $34 Million in Google Payments Issue

Details suggest that the matter was resolved once the Prime Minister ordered the Standing Committee on Information Technology to...

Dec 26 · >

Government of Pakistan to Hire 20,000 New Interns Till June 2023

These interns will be hired under the National Development internship Programme (NDIP), which is a program developed to enhance...

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Dec 14 · >

Government of Pakistan Officially Launches Nationwide Online Passport Fee Application

The online passport fee application was previously released in major cities but is now expanded throughout Pakistan Following its...

Nov 2 · >

Citizens could face Rs5m fine, five years in jail for using incorrect map of Pakistan: GoP

According to a text message that the Government of Pakistan has started circulating over the weekend, a person could...

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Dec 20 · >