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FIA arrests two men involved in harassment on Facebook

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Federal Investigation Agency has arrested two men involved in harassment on Facebook. One of the accused is Mustafa from KPK who used to upload photoshopped explicit pictures of minors and he was arrested from Lower Dir, Talash after various complaints. Second of the accused is Fahad Manzoor from Peshawar who harassed a woman on Facebook by using a fake account.

We have seen a number of cyber crimes this year but law enforcement agencies are quite active in identifying the culprits and capturing them. While crimes like these have to be stopped, the government is also active in stopping those who are voicing their opinion against state institutions or any of the recently enacted policies of the PTI cabinet. Police have registered an FIR against a person recently for anti-state propaganda whereas the question arises that when PTI was in the role of the opposition, they used to post the same type of content themselves and is that justified?

FIA has received numerous number of complaints this year and according to Assistant Director of Cyber Crime Wing Haseeb Javed, his department has received an overall of 200 complaints since January this year of which 30 have processed and rest 170 are still ongoing. More and more people are resorting to digital platforms for committing crimes nowadays and to ensure privacy, one must be vigilant otherwise our personal data can fall in the wrong hands.

Have you been a victim of harassment online? How did you resolve your issue?

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