Flipboard launches a full-featured website

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FlipBoard Launches A Website

Flipboard has launched a full-featured website which not only incorporates all the mobile features but also builds on top of it. Though the company had launched an early version of the website in 2013, it did not allow the users to do much on it. Services like Flipboard seem more useful for mobile or tablet especially when the main purpose is to help a user get quick update on the latest news anywhere and it seems absurd to launch a launch a website for this purpose. The question is why did Flipboard launch a website?

Co-Founder and CEO Mike McCue sought after a way to tie together the web and mobile easily. A Flipboard website can let a user both read but also create curated magazines while surfing the internet on the web. This helps users in quickly adding links to the magazines, getting access to articles they saved on the mobile app or surfing the important news put together from all the major sources at one place. You would not have to google for specific websites or latest news when you can just sign-in to Flipboard and have it all there.

The company, having released a mobile app before the web version, learned a lot about sorting and formatting the content. This learning assisted them in designing for the website, adding a number of great features for the news-reading platform on the web. For example, it can automatically recognize if the content should be displayed as a photo gallery, the images resized for full-width or the right place for the headline text.

The feature that makes Flipboard different from other news-platforms is the ability to create magazine-style layouts for content on the fly. They have made sure that the web version also follow the same tradition. Many publishers have complained that they pull content without paying for it and most of the time the full content is not displayed within the application.

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View web version of Flipboard.

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