Following the alleged rape cases: No license for Uber

Written by Mohammad Farooq ·  42 sec read >

Uber’s latest bid to gain a licence in India’s capital New Delhi suffered a setback when its application was rejected once again. Along with Uber’s bid, applications of its two leading competitors were also refused.

Uber faced a storm of hefty criticism in light of a rape case that engulfed it last year when one of its employee was accused of sexually assaulting a woman passenger. It led to a ban on Uber in New Delhi, which was only reversed when it applied for a licence to operate as a radio cab service. The reason for this fresh rejection was labeled to a lack of compliance on part of Uber to submit the required details for the number of vehicles, and addresses for its drivers.

Another Uber driver was accused and arrested for sexual harassment this Tuesday after a female passenger filed a complaint to the police, which brought forth a fresh controversy for the company that is valued at $ 45 billion globally. Uber has faced worldwide outrage over cases of sexual harassment and molestation in several countries. Moreover, its operations have also been blocked in countries where it did not meet the specific regulations set by those countries.

Written by Mohammad Farooq
Farooq is currently writing for Dawn and TechJuice. He is also volunteering for Digital Rights Pakistan. Profile