Foodpanda wants you to eat healthy food & stay fit

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Foodpanda Launches Calorie Counter

Gamification techniques have been a part of the online marketplace for quite some time now. We are all aware of levels, badges, points etc that are awarded once a certain task or quest is completed. However, these techniques have become old school and redundant to the extent that most people recognize such tactics in less than a second.

Finding new techniques for user engagement and remaining on top of competitors has not been very easy lately. Still, the folks at Foodpanda always come up with interesting campaigns to keep their online food market busy. And they have not disappointed us yet! has started a health initiative – “The 1200 Calorie Challenge” which will be applicable to every customer from 3rd April, 2015. The online food service will charge customers twice the usual rate if any of their purchased items exceed a healthy calorie limit.

For this purpose, Foodpanda will now assign a calorie counter to both its current and new customers on the website and the mobile app. The automatic calorie counter will prevent you from adding any new items once the counter reads 1200 calories. The duration of the campaign has not been announced yet.

The startup conveyed a clear message to their customers that they care for them. This is probably the first time that any online food marketplace took an initiative to keep their customers healthy and fit. It is about time that food manufacturers and retailers move from selling sub-standard food quality to Pakistani people.

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