Forget glasses, Google wants to put a computer inside your eye

By Rehan Ahmed on
May 1, 2016
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Known for its wild moonshot projects, Google seems to have set its ideas on developing a bionic eye that would function like a computer right inside your eye.

The search engine company has already tried its hand at virtual reality with the famed (yet discontinued) Google Glass, and it seems like the company is ready to take another shot at it. This time, Google seems to be delving even deeper by trying to develop a new kind of artificial contact lens that can be inserted directly into a person’s eye. It will essentially allow them to have a computer residing right inside their eye.

Filed in 2014, this patent was finally published on Thursday and details the whole process of how it would work. A person’s lens would be surgically removed from the lens capsule of their eye and a fluid would be injected into the capsule. This fluid would serve the purpose of a glue, allowing an “intra-ocular device” to be attached to the lens capsule.

The fluid would solidify to create a “coupling” between the lens capsule and an external device, thereby creating an electronic contact lens. For powering the device, Google is thinking of a unique “energy harvesting antenna” to allow the device to stay powered wirelessly.

Just because the patent has been published, doesn’t mean that they are actually going to make it. A couple of years ago, Google also mentioned working on a prototype lens that could be used to detect glucose levels in tears. Although the product never made it to the consumer world, it just shows how the company is committed to keep trying new things.

Source- VentureBeat

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