Galaxy Note 9 will bring a feature the iPhone X should have

Written by Uzair Khalid ·  1 min read >

iPhone X came with an all screen display but there was one major thing missing from it and that was a fingerprint sensor.

On the front screen of iPhone X, there is no place to put a fingerprint scanner but Apple could have put in on the back. (But that’s where Apple puts their logo and ostensibly that’s more important, just kidding). Apple ditched the fingerprint scanner in favor of FaceID, a facial recognition tool, which became the reason for witty jokes on Twitter after its demo failure.

Well, it looks like Samsung is ahead of Apple in fingerprint scanners department and it is planning to bring an under display fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy Note 9 (Unless they name it the Note X). As we know that the phones are moving towards bezel-less, all screen displays and that leaves no place on the front of the phone for a fingerprint sensor. But the advancement in technology can put the fingerprint sensors under the touchscreen displays. Which means that you’ll only have to touch your smartphone screen to unlock the phone.

It was speculated earlier that the Note 8 will come with an under display fingerprint sensor but Samsung ran out of time to actually implement it. According to Business Insider, Samsung has already received the samples of this technology and is ready to put it in the Galaxy Note 9 which will come in fall 2018. The under discussion fingerprint sensor will not be implemented in the Galaxy S9 as Samsung is already working on it and it is due earlier next year. So we have to wait for another year to see such fingerprint sensors.

However, Apple could have put it in the $1000 iPhone X but they did not. iPhone X price in Pakistan is expected to be around PKR 125,000 and you might have to wait for more than you think to actually get the phone.

Written by Uzair Khalid
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