Galaxy S10 Plus beats iPhone XS Max in battery test

Written by Abdul Wahab ·  1 min read >

In a real-world battery test conducted by the popular YouTube channel PhoneBuff between Galaxy S10 Plus and iPhone XS Max, the Galaxy S10 Plus thoroughly defeated Apple’s latest and greatest flagship.

To make the test as much scientific as possible, the environment of the room was kept under a controlled temperature while various settings such as screen and speakers were also calibrated to ensure that the test results are as accurate as possible. The test was carried out by a robotic hand to minimize any human error.

The test was started with the ‘phone test’ where a one-hour phone call was made by the two devices. The iPhone XS Max did surprisingly well, considering it has a considerably smaller battery. The iPhone XS’s battery dropped down to 97% while the Galaxy S10 Plus’s battery dropped down to 94%. Similarly, the next test was ‘message test’ which was conducted to simulate real-world use, and after one hour of conducting the message test, the Galaxy S10 Plus did better as it dropped by 8% while the iPhone XS Max dropped by 11%, therefore, canceling out to the initial lead created by iPhone XS Max as both phones stood at 86%.

The same template was then followed for the Email test, Browser test, and Instagram test, where the Galaxy S10 Plus maintained its lead.

  • Email test: Galaxy S10 Plus(79%), iPhone XS Max(74%)
  • Browser test: Galaxy S10 Plus(69%), iPhone XS Max(61%)
  • Instagram test: Galaxy S10 Plus(60%), iPhone XS Max(50%)

The ‘Standby test’ was where things got interesting, the test took 16 hours and both phones were left for sixteen hours. The iPhone XS Max made a surprising comeback where it lost only 8% of its battery while the Galaxy S10 Plus lost 16% of its battery. Similar to the previous test, the same template was followed for the YouTube test, Gaming test, and Map/navigation test.

  • YouTube test: Galaxy S10 Plus(33%), iPhone XS Max(28%)
  • Gaming test: Galaxy S10 Plus(21%), iPhone XS Max(14%)
  • Map navigation test: Galaxy S10 Plus(11%), iPhone XS Max(1%)

Despite having better-optimized apps and games the iPhone XS Max did not do well in the Gaming and Map navigation test. As soon as Spotify test began, the iPhone XS Max’s battery died while the Galaxy S10 Plus’s battery took another one hour to completely drain off.

It should be mentioned that the Galaxy S10 Plus‘s dark mode was not used during the test. Had the dark mode been used, the test would have favored even more in Galaxy S10 Plus’s favor as the dark mode completely turns off the pixels in the black areas of the AMOLED display.