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Gold plated iPhone 7 now available in Pakistan

Behlol Nawaz Written by Behlol Nawaz ·  43 sec read >

If iPhone 7’s price wasn’t high enough for you or maybe its original tinted gold color wasn’t convincing enough for you, you can go to a whole new level now, if you have at least a hundred and fifty thousand rupees to spend on a phone. iPhone 7 plated with actual 24 kt gold can be ordered in Pakistan.

Available at Pakistani online stores and, there is a whole range of devices with varying storage capabilities starting from 32GB. Although not explicitly mentioned on the store websites, gold plated iPhones can also come with other caveats like military grade encryption and personal choice of engravings on the body, though the prices increase even further with such features, so there can be a huge variation in prices of similar spec phones.

The latest iPhone is often considered a status symbol in itself. But gold plated phones are owned by a truly exclusive group including show business celebrities, sports stars, wealthy and influential businessmen and members of royal families. The phones can range from simple gold plating to phones for such customers that are usually highly customized, with decorative diamonds and over the top customization features that can cost more than a million dollars.