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The most awaited announcement for Urdu publishers is finally here. Google, in a recent blog, has announced that AdSense now has the capability to understand Urdu language. Hence, Urdu publishers will be able to monetize their blogs through AdSense efficiently.

The announcement blog reads,

“Today, we’re excited to announce the addition of Urdu, a language spoken by millions in Pakistan, India and many other countries around the world, to the family of AdSense supported languages.”

Urdu is a language spoken in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh but is being understood by masses distributed all over the world. Pakistan is a home to tonnes of websites publishing content in Urdu language.

Almost all major news outlets in Pakistan have online Urdu publishing platforms to reach to the huge user base residing in every nook and corner of the world. Urdu is the mother language of Pakistan. Hence, it is natural to expect websites in Urdu to get more viewership than English platforms. With the penetration of internet across Pakistan, the number of Urdu readers has surpassed the numbers of English readers on the internet.

The viewership ratio of English and Urdu news websites stands neck to neck in local Pakistani websites. It is of no surprise that the most visited news website in Pakistan are publishing their content in Urdu. Despite having this much readership, these websites were not able to monetize their content because AdSense didn’t support Urdu. Not anymore, now that Google AdSense supports Urdu, a lot of publishers will be able to generate hefty revenue without going through the hassle of managing page meta and tags information in English. Moreover, up and coming publishers will feel confident in their blogs and websites which are solely based on Urdu language.

Publishers do not have to do anything special to ‘enable’ AdSense for Urdu. The current code of AdSense ads will comply with Urdu content as well.

Source: Google

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