Google Assistant can now control robot mops to clean your home

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan ·  1 min read >

Google Assistant has a tonne of features and the latest one being the capability to control robot mops to clean your home. Previously, you could control smart speakers, smart displays, as well as other smart appliances through the Google Assistant, provided they support the voice assistant from the search-engine giant. Previously the Google Assistant could control automated vacuum cleaners.

With official support coming in from Google, developers can now program their IoT devices to interact with Google Assistant in real-time for instructions. Compared to a vacuum cleaner, mops wash the floor using soap and water, therefore, you may want the robot to operate only at certain locations or at fixed schedules. These commands can now be given directly through Google Assistant makes it easy for the user to automate tasks.

As per the developer’s page for robot mops by Google, developers can integrate various commands such as docking in case the robot mop is low on charge. Then there is the locator action which can help you find where the robot mop currently is and then a modes action which can help program different features into the robot mop, specific to that brand or product. You can also find out the present state of the robot mop using the RunCycle action as well.

Just yesterday we reported about the new Raspberry Pi 4 launch and with Google continuously adding support for these devices, it shows that the IoT segment is currently evolving with various advancements being made day by day. Islamabad is also getting its own intelligent transportation system which will pair many of these IoT devices to regulate traffic on the Expressway.

What are your thoughts regarding Google Assistant’s features?

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan
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