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Voice Chat With ChatGPT On Android Phones: Here’s How

Isn’t it exciting that now you can do voice chat with ChatGPT on Android phones? Now it will save...

May 9 · >

Google Assistant Will Now Sing You A Song About Getting Vaccinated

With numerous people receiving vaccination within Pakistan and throughout the globe, numerous digital tools and applications are chiming in...

May 13 · >

Users may no longer need to use “hey Google” for some Google Assistant features

Since the start, one of the most powerful A.I powered virtual assistants globally; Google Assistant’s voice commands have been...

Apr 27 · >

Google will read websites to you in the near future

It feels like going back to your childhood days when your parents would read you a book before they...

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Jan 10 · >

Google Assistant can now control robot mops to clean your home

Google Assistant has a tonne of features and the latest one being the capability to control robot mops to...

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Jun 26 · >

Why need a delivery app when you can order food directly from Google

Google has made ordering food online ease by adding a dedicated “Order Online” option in Google Search and Google...

May 24 · >

With Google Lens, you can now search and shop inside Google Images

Google, in an official blog post, has announced to bring its AI-powered Google Lens to Google Image Search. Starting...

Oct 26 · >

Xbox One rumored to come with support for third-party digital assistants

For the past few months, various reports have been coming in of Microsoft trying to patch together the Xbox...

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Jun 4 · >

This is how you can talk to Google Assistant in 8 different voices

Google IO is being held in California this week. The conference is usually jam-packed with tech-related news coming from...

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May 10 · >

This is how you can set Amazon’s Alexa as your default assistant on Android

Amazon’s Alexa can now be set as the default personal assistant on Android phones and can be accessed by...

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May 9 · >

Google beats Siri to become the most efficient assistant ever

A marketing company Stone Temple Consulting performed a thorough test of the four main virtual assistants that are used...

Apr 28 · >

Here is how you can use Google Assistant to identify any song

A new update to the Google Assistant now enables it to identify any song or music being played nearby....

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Nov 29 · >