Google Chrome gets a new update to kill annoying redirects and popups

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November 9, 2017
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Google Chrome will start blocking some redirect links and tricky popups in an effort to crack down on particularly annoying web ads excluding Google ads.

Google Chrome understands well that there are a lot of things their users hate about the internet. Amongst them is the way a website takes you to a completely different page or even open a new tab because you clicked on something you wanted to see. Beware it’s not just about annoyance these links may also distribute malware and trackers from adware. Google has finally decided to block redirect links from Chrome.

The update will roll out with Chrome 64 and Chrome 65 build for both the desktop and Android. Chrome 64 build will no longer automatically execute redirect links that are embedded in iframe code. The third-party redirects will be shown in an info bar on the page, requiring the user to manually click the ad.

Chrome 65 will block pop-ups from websites which opens a new tab irrelevant from the task you clicked while navigating the original tab, displaying it in the info bar. This gives us the option of viewing things of our own choices rather than being forced.

Ryan Schoen, Product Manager at Googe while announcing this update yesterday via blog post says,

“Together, these protections will dramatically improve users’ web browsing experiences while still allowing them access to all that the web has to offer.”

In addition to the new Chrome features, Google says it is opening an ‘Abuse Experiences Report‘ console that will let site owners see when the newly-blocked ads were served to their sites and remove an ad Google has declared abusive. The update will be available for Chrome users worldwide soon.

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