Latest Google Chrome updates promise better performance and higher productivity

Google has announced several new Chrome updates coming to the browser. The updates specifically target a better and more...

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Sep 1 · >

Chrome’s new update may increase battery life by up to 2 hours

Google Chrome, although the most widely used web browser, has been infamous for its memory hogging capabilities which ultimately...

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Jul 7 · >

Google Chrome is getting new upgrades to make memory consumption more efficient

Bruce Dawson, a Google Chrome programmer has revealed Google’s plans to add new upgrades to Google Chrome’s technology. They...

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Jun 23 · >

Microsoft releases new Chromium-based Edge browser through Windows update

Microsoft’s web browsers, particularly Internet Explorer, have received a lot of criticism in the past for being woefully slow....

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Jun 4 · >

Google Chrome launches another life-saving feature

How many times have you been caught at work, in school, or in class with your laptop blasting off...

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Sep 30 · >

Google unveils Chrome 73, introduces dark mode for Mac

Google has just officially rolled out Chrome 73 has to all users worldwide today. The new Chrome update brings...

Mar 13 · >

Microsoft will let everyone preview its new Chromium based browser

Microsoft may have lost many rounds with Internet Explorer and Edge against Chrome but it is not willing to...

Feb 5 · >

Microsoft executive says Mozilla should admit defeat and adopt Chrome’s technology

A Microsoft executive wants Mozilla to finally admit that its browser technology has lost against Chromium and should finally...

Jan 30 · >

A former Microsoft intern alleges Google tried to sabotage Edge

A former Microsoft intern has claimed that Google tried to sabotage the Edge browser as well as other competitors...

Dec 21 · >

Chrome’s new Sneak Peek feature allows you to view multiple tabs at the same time

Chrome for mobile is taking multi-tasking to a new level with Sneak Peek which allows you to open links...

Dec 21 · >

Chrome to disallow websites from redirecting you when you press back button

Ever encountered one of those websites that serve pop-ups or redirect you to some other site when you press...

Dec 19 · >

Google might kill Chrome support for Android devices running on Jelly Bean

Some recent reports suggest that Google will now stop supporting Chrome on smartphones which are running on Android Jelly...

Oct 10 · >