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Google Code Jam returns with a cash prize of $15,000, registration is open

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Google’s Code Jam, one of the most challenging programming competitions in the world, has returned and registrations are now open.

Code Jam calls on programmers from around the world to put their coding skills to test by solving multiple rounds of algorithmic puzzles. The contestants compete for online rounds and then the World Finals are held at different locations every year. Code Jam has returned for the 14th year and World Finals will be held at Google’s office in Dublin, Ireland.

Anyone with a passion for coding—from students to professionals, and newbies to pros— can register for the competition online and get the opportunity to win a cash prize of up to $15,000. Last year, Code Jam welcomed 60,000 Code Jammers from more than 130 countries.


Code Jam allows competitors to use any coding language throughout the competition such as C++, JavaScript, INTERCAL, LOLCODE, Whitespace etc.


All Code Jam problems are written by Google Engineers. Many of these engineers were actually the contestants in Code Jam competition years ago. They dedicate their time to make every problem rewarding and fun for Code Jammers, from the easiest Qualification Round problem to the most complex challenge in the World Finals. You can check out past problems here and try your hand at them for practice.

What’s in it for you?

  • Limited edition Code Jam t-shirt (given to the top 1,500 performers)
  • Top 26 finalists will be invited to compete in the World Finals at Google’s office in Dublin, Ireland for the chance become the Code Jam Champion
  • Cash prize of up to $15,000

Registration & Schedule

Register before Online Qualification Round that will take place on April 7. The qualifying contestants will compete in next rounds that will lead up to World Finals in August, during which top 25 code jammers will compete with last year’s champions for the cash prize of $15,000.

You can register for Code Jam here. If you’re entering the competition for the first time then read the Quick Start Guide. Learn about the past contests and practice problems here. The schedule is given below.

Written by Maheen Kanwal
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