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Google Launches Bard AI Chatbot: To Compete With ChatGPT

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Google has launched BARD, an AI chatbot designed to compete with Open AI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s chatbot in its Bing search engine.

According to Google, Bard was an initial experiment to enhance productivity, accelerate ideas and foster curiosity.
Bard is an intelligent AI tool that provides information on various topics and assistance and helps to solve many problems.

People can use BARD to get tips, information, lists, and creative assistance like blog posts and in getting captions and ideas.

Google aims to solidify its presence in the AI chatbot space. At the same time, it maintains its dominance in the search engine market.

Bard’s Technical Details

Bard is made up of a large language model (LLM), which is an optimized version of LaMDA.

The company plans to add more features with time to make it popular. As we know, many people use LLMs to get fruitful results.

Bard is specifically designed to provide a fantastic experience for Google Search, enabling users to check the responses or explore sources across the web.

Bard consists of a singular question box instead of being integrated into Google’s search engine.

By keeping this tactical choice, it will be possible to implement new AI technology while keeping its search engine business profitable.

Unpredictable Concerns

Google is quite unpredictable and sometimes seems unreliable, as per its competitors.

Google recognizes LLMs can sometimes become unstable and produces misleading, biased or false information.

To mitigate the issue, Google can choose from a few drafts of Bard’s response.

It gives you leverage to continue collaborating with Bard by asking follow-up questions or asking for alternatives.

Google’s Race To Ship AI Products

With the release of Open AI and chatbots, every company is trying to incorporate chatGPT into its platform. Whereas Microsoft introduced chatbot technology in Bing, Google has started giving AI a central focus.

Moreover, the company’s overall team, including AI safety researchers, are working to incorporate new features into its AI.

The best part is that the company is asking for human feedback to enhance its chatbot’s productivity. To keep in contact with people, Google has implemented guardrails in a dialogue.

In Development

Google has been trying to develop the technology behind Bard since 2015.

Hence, BARD is not as capable as Microsoft’s chatbots. Therefore, Google has not released it to a broader audience.


BARD is exclusively available at

Currently, the availability is in UK and US only. At the same time, the company has planned to expand it to more countries very soon.

However, getting around limited access with a VPN is possible.

All you need is your Gmail ID to sign up, and it doesn’t accept Google Workspace email accounts.

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