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Google Maps app redesign lets you access all commuting info at one place

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Google Maps app for Android now provides three tabs at the bottom of the home screen to make everyday experience easier by providing real-time commuting information in one swipe.

The tabs are: Places (nearby restaurant), Driving (beat traffic) and Transit (mode of transportation). The tabs will be visible when you swipe up. The blog states,

“When you’re on the go, there’s no time for apps that can’t keep up. Whether you need to get to work or you’re just looking for a quick bite around you, Google Maps gives you the personalized information about your world to make decisions and get around with confidence.”

The ‘Places’ tab shows a list of restaurants where you can have lunch, breakfast, drinks or business dining. The list is personalized with local eateries. You can also search for ATMs, grocery stores, pharmacies, post offices, florists and gas stations. Below that, images of areas are given with a brief description for the convenience of users.

The ‘Driving’ tab has your home and work addresses saved. You can see estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) in the given traffic conditions. The traffic conditions will also report the delays expected on the road ahead. You can get real-time traffic information or you can just select “start driving” option if you do not need turn-by-turn directions.

The ‘Transit’ tab will also have your work and home addresses saved and you’ll get a recommendation about which bus arrives earlier or whether taking a train is better given the traffic conditions. You’ll also see ETAs. If you’re headed somewhere other than home and work, you can swipe down to find nearby transit stations along with real-time schedules.

Google Maps provides real-time information about routes, directions and traffic using satellite imagery. It launched an option to Uber directly from the app recently. Google Maps also tells people if a place is wheelchair friendly and accessible. It is also rolling out “Parking Difficulty” feature to some users. Local Guides are the explorers who add locations, reviews and photos to the app so that people can benefit from their discoveries. In turn, they get exclusive benefits from Google.

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Written by Maheen Kanwal
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