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Google Maps is about to get over 100 updates, some powered by AI and machine learning

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Google Maps is getting another huge update, bringing with it lots of fancy features to help users find their way around. In total, the update delivers more than 100 improvements, many of which are powered by AI and machine learning, reports Tom’s Guide. Features coming to Google Maps include indoor live view, more eco-friendly route-planning, pollution maps, and more. Here are the most significant changes coming to Google Maps this year and what the update means for the users:

Integrated weather and air quality

Your phone already has a weather app preinstalled, but now Google is rolling those features into Google Maps.

With the Weather layer, you’ll be able to see current and forecasted weather in an area, ensuring you’re always prepared for whatever the skies may throw at you. Another new layer, meanwhile, will inform you about the air quality levels.

Both layers will rely on data from several third parties, including The Weather Company,, and the Central Pollution Board. The weather layer will be available worldwide, though the air quality layer will initially be restricted to Australia, India, and the U.S.

Eco-friendly driving options

Once this new feature arrives, Google Maps will automatically default to routes with the lowest carbon footprint. In another update for drivers, Google Maps will also warn you if you’re heading into a low emission zone.

Curbside grocery pickup support

During the pandemic, grocery stores and other retailers have been making shopping that bit safer by offering curbside pickup — and Google will now help with that too.

An update to Google Maps and Search will add relevant information to Business Profiles, so you can see which businesses offer pickup from the curb, plus details about delivery windows, minimum orders, and what other fees you may need to pay.

Source: Tom’s Guide

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