These are the most asked “how to” questions on Google

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Google has released top 10 searches for the most asked “how to” questions and the list is pretty interesting, to say the least. People are shy to take up their matters with real life friends so they often resort to the internet to get their questions answered. After all, the internet is the biggest source of learning.

These are the questions people around the world have asked Google a lot of times:

  1. how to tie a tie
  2. how to kiss
  3. how to get pregnant
  4. how to lose weight
  5. how to draw
  6. how to make money
  7. how to make pancakes
  8. how to write a cover letter
  9. how to make french toast
  10. how to lose belly fat

Every formal occasion such as a wedding or dinner requires you to dress up and without a tie, the suit is incomplete. When your wife isn’t around, you’ll have to get help from Google in-order to make the perfect knot.

The second and third questions are related to romantic side of life but people don’t have the courage to ask others regarding this openly.

“How to lose weight” and the last question are for the fitness freaks. In busy corporate schedules, people look for ways to remain fit and healthy and this is where those queries come in. “How to make money” is something we all have in mind and might I add “how to make online” to make it more specific? We have a guide up for you to get started if you are interested!

The 7th and 9th queries are related to cooking and we have to admit, we all have our mouths watering when we see any Facebook video regarding a delicious cuisine. People search on Google for quick tutorials on these so that they can make it for themselves.

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