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Google Offers Users To Block Others On Google Drive

Usman Aslam Written by Usman Aslam · 52 sec read>

When it comes to storing data on a proper cloud storage system, then Google Drive is the most obvious choice for users. However, it’s not just the concept of storing data that makes GDrive so reliable but rather the ability to use Google Drive as a collaborative tool.

However, despite being so collaborative there had been no updates in terms of privacy and security. Although you can add and remove specific emails that can view what you store in Google Drive, chances are that the data will resurface and so it’s not the best of setups especially if the data is used by specific members of a company or organization.

As of now, Google has announced that it will introduce a feature that will allow users and admins to block specific users from accessing who might be willing to abuse the data. This is done by simply entering the user’s email address. The feature is slowly rolling out and will be available to both paying customers and users with personal accounts.

In order to block a user, simply right-click on the undesired content and then click on ‘block’. Through blocking:

  •  The blocked user will not able to share any content with you in the future.
  • The data placed by the blocked user in that folder will be removed instantly.
  • Access will be denied to the blocked user.

All in all, this is neat to enhance user and organization-based privacy and prevent the spreading of harmful files.

Written by Usman Aslam
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