Google Drive

Google Docs And Sheets Faced An Outage Globally

On Monday, multiple Google services experienced a global outage where users were unable to create new documents in the...

Apr 13 ·>

Gmail faces a worldwide outage with countless reports online

Gmail and Google Drive faced a worldwide outage on Tuesday evening leaving users unable to send emails. Users were...

Mar 13 ·>

Google unveils “Google One” to replace “Google Drive” online storage plans

Google has announced a new plan called Google One, which will replace its current online Drive storage plans. The...

May 15 ·>

Google Drive to get a new fresh look to match Gmail’s redesign

Google previously announced to launch a new design for its Gmail web interface and now the company has introduced...

May 10 ·>

5 ways you can focus and achieve more through technology

Technology has made it easier for us to multitask, but this multitasking has also affected our capability to focus....

Dec 20 ·>
Jeff Bezos

Google Drive desktop app is being shut down

A couple of months ago, Google launched a new app for desktop computers and it named it “Backup and...

Sep 8 ·>

Google Drive is the new home for people who love Torrents

Google Drive is becoming a goldmine for all the latest movies, songs, and series. Ever since the crackdown against...

Sep 5 ·>

Finally Google Drive can now backup your entire PC

Google has finally made available the Google Drive companion application, Backup and Sync, which can be used to backup...

Jul 13 ·>